Innovation and sustainability: excellence in our cork treatment processes

In our commitment to lead the industry, we constantly strive to incorporate precision, reliability, and the most advanced technologies into all our processes.

Cutting: We are not just content with following standards; we aim to surpass them. For this, we use the latest technology in cutting cork sheets, maximizing their performance. Always drilling as far away as possible from the part that has been in contact with the outside, in order to minimize possible external contamination defects. This advanced technique not only guarantees greater efficiency in production but also ensures a safe and protected work environment for all our employees.

Drilling: Our passion for improving every detail has led us to introduce an innovative saw system for the cork bark. Once we drill the cork strips for the manufacture of natural stoppers, these drilled strips are not discarded, but are transformed into a valuable by-product. These strips are then processed by our specialized saw that separates the perforated natural cork, intended for the production of microgranulated stoppers, from the bark that will feed our biomass plant.

Thanks to this technological innovation, we have not only optimized the quality of our products but also managed to close the production circle. This means that we make the most of every fragment of our precious raw material, ensuring a sustainable and responsible process that uses 100% of the cork, with no waste.

In conclusion, our vision combines the pursuit of production excellence with respect for the environment, positioning us as a benchmark in the cork industry.

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