Meticulousness and advanced technology in our cap printing and preparation process.

Innovation and precision define each stage of our cork cap treatment and printing process. We use the most advanced laser technology in printing processes, ensuring a clean, detailed, and long-lasting finish on each cap.

Once printed, the caps are carefully stored in stainless steel containers, a material known for its sturdiness and resistance to external factors. At this stage, the caps await the essential double surface treatment. During this wait, we guarantee that each cap remains in optimal conditions in our specialized humidification facilities. Here, we apply a rigorous microbiological control using ozone, ensuring the purity and quality of the product.

The process continues with the lubrication treatment, which is essential for the conservation and functionality of the caps. This step requires a specific waiting period, essential for the applied products to achieve perfect reticulation, ensuring their effectiveness and durability.

As a distinctive seal and a testament to our commitment to quality, each cap carries the initials “PE”. This marking is more than just identification; it’s a guarantee of our responsibility and dedication in each cap we produce and a testament to the rigorous process it has undergone.

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