Parramon Exportap: innovation and sustainability in cork treatment

At Parramon Exportap, we have revolutionized cork treatment thanks to our patented process. Unlike conventional methods, we opt for a system in which we rehydrate cork bales with a continuous shower of clean water. This procedure ensures that components such as tannins and other volatile elements, like organochlorines, which can cause sensory problems, are significantly reduced.

An analysis from the Cork Center certifies that the tannins in the water from the hydration process, using either a classic system or our system, improve by 500%.

One of the distinctive advantages of our process is that we do not resort to the use of steam or pressure. This decision is not random: by avoiding these techniques, the process is significantly less aggressive, thereby preserving the cellular structure of the cork and maintaining its original quality and characteristics.

Furthermore, at Parramon Exportap, we are firmly committed to the environment and sustainability. Therefore, we power our shower with energy generated directly from our Biomass plant and with recycled water and rainwater collection, ensuring that the process is not only innovative but also 100% sustainable and respectful to the environment.

In summary, our patented system not only reflects innovation in cork treatment, but also our commitment to quality and sustainability, key aspects in today’s world.

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