A superior washing process for high-quality cork stoppers

The treatment we give to cork stoppers during their manufacturing is meticulous and at the forefront of the industry. We use reclaimed and demineralized water, which has been filtered with activated carbon, to ensure the utmost purity and quality of the liquid used. This reclaimed water comes from sustainable sources, reaffirming our commitment to the environment. Moreover, we harness biomass energy in this process. We incorporate a key technological innovation: the use of compressed ozone and precise temperature regulation. Together, these elements guarantee a flawless and thorough wash.

This advanced washing method perfectly complements our initial process of boiling cork sheets using a continuous shower. By integrating both procedures, we enhance their benefits reciprocally.

As a result of these innovative techniques, we achieve efficient extraction of unwanted substances, such as coloring matter, tannins, and other particles. This careful removal not only ensures a highly reliable product but also guarantees the sensory neutrality of the stopper. This means that our natural cork stoppers maintain their integrity, without adding unwanted aromas or altering the taste or smell of the products they protect.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence at every stage of the process, coupled with our focus on sustainability, allows us to guarantee that every cork stopper we produce is a benchmark of quality and trust in the industry.

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