A superior packaging to preserve the integrity of cork stoppers

The final step before their shipment is the meticulous packaging of the stoppers in aluminum bags, which ensure their optimal protection and preservation. Subsequently, these packages are organized into boxes and properly labeled pallets, ready to be shipped to our customers.

The integrity of the cork stopper packaging is crucial to maintain its essential characteristics and qualities intact. It is not only fundamental to protect them during transportation, but it is vital to preserve these quality standards while the stoppers await in the cellar before their use.

At Parramon Exportap, we recognize the importance of this process. Therefore, we have implemented a cutting-edge packaging system. We choose double-layered aluminized polyethylene bags certified for food use. These bags, strategically selected, provide a solid barrier against external agents that could affect the quality of the stoppers, such as foreign odors, humidity fluctuations, and harmful UVA rays.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. The design of these bags not only shields the stoppers from external influences but also ensures the preservation of the vacuum and an inert atmosphere inside. This feature is vital, ensuring that, even after extended periods of more than 6 months, the stoppers will retain all their properties, just as they were conceived.

With a vision focused on quality and innovation, we reiterate at every stage our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every stopper that leaves our facilities remains in ideal conditions until its use.

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