Parramon Exportap: masters in the creation of top-quality stoppers.

Parramon Exportap is not just another manufacturer; we are experts dedicated to the meticulous creation of cork stoppers, both natural and micro-agglomerated. We have specialized in the production of stoppers for a wide range of mid and high-tier distilled liquors, vinegars, and various special bottlings, ensuring that each product sealed with our stopper maintains its essence and quality.

Part of our formula for success lies in the selection and transformation of the highest quality raw material available. This cork is processed and prepared for the making of stoppers that, in turn, perfectly complement capsules of various materials, whether plastic, wood, or glass. Our main goal is for each stopper to highlight and protect the unique characteristics of our clients’ precious products, whether alcoholic derivatives or any other specialty.

Additionally, we are aware that quality is not only about the appearance or the texture of the stopper. The durability and reliability of the bond between the capsule and the cork is crucial. That’s why, at Parramon Exportap, we use a food-grade adhesive of the highest quality, applied through a state-of-the-art automatic process. This ensures that the bond is long-lasting and, at the same time, completely safe for the consumer.

With a track record backed by quality and constant innovation, at Parramon Exportap we are committed to offering our clients sealing solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

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