Innovation at Parramon Exportap: Steam and Temperature Process for Cork Stoppers

At Parramon Exportap, we have implemented a meticulous process known as ‘Steam and Temperature’ in our production process, specifically designed to ensure the quality and purity of our cork stoppers. The primary objective of this process is to eliminate volatile elements, such as TCA (trichloroanisole), that may be present in the stoppers and negatively affect the quality of wine.

The procedure begins with the injection of dry steam into the treatment chamber. This steam is not ordinary; it has been preheated to ensure its effectiveness in the process. By introducing the dry steam from the bottom of the chamber, an upward circulation is generated. This circulation is essential because as the steam rises, it comes into direct contact with the cork stoppers, penetrating their pores and removing any volatile elements they may contain. Powerful extractors are responsible for removing the volatiles from the room.

The effectiveness of this process is enhanced by the temperature at which it is carried out. We maintain the chamber at a constant temperature of 114 degrees Celsius. This specific temperature, combined with the circulation of the preheated dry steam, ensures optimal removal of undesirable compounds, leaving the cork stoppers free from contaminants and ready to be used in the bottling of high-quality wines.

In summary, our ‘Steam and Temperature’ process not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also serves as a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with cork stoppers of the highest purity and quality.

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