At Parramon Exportap, we take pride in offering the highest quality cork stoppers for the wine industry. We understand the importance of ensuring that each stopper meets the most stringent standards, which is why we have incorporated the advanced Vocus Cork Analyzer system into our services.

When a stopper is introduced into the Vocus Cork Analyzer, it initiates a meticulous analysis process. Each stopper is individually examined to detect the presence of TCA (trichloroanisole) and other undesirable flavors. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we can quantify TCA in just 2 seconds, even detecting levels below the sensory threshold, concentrations so low that they would not be perceptible to the human olfaction.

Once the stopper has been analyzed, the system automatically classifies them based on the detected TCA concentrations, separating those stoppers that meet our rigorous quality standards from those that do not. This classification and separation process is essential to ensure that wines bottled with our stoppers do not exhibit the undesirable ‘cork taint.’

Currently, at the Parramon Exportap plant, we have two Vocus machines with the capacity to process over 60,000 stoppers per day. The Vocus Cork Analyzer allows us to provide our customers with an additional guarantee of quality. Furthermore, its effectiveness and precision have been endorsed by expert-reviewed scientific publications, demonstrating its superiority compared to other TCA measurement methods.

At ‘Parramon Exportap,’ we not only sell cork stoppers but also provide the confidence and assurance that each stopper meets the highest quality standards. By offering the VOCUS service to our customers, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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