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Manufacturers of natural cork stoppers since 1956

With the highest quality, advanced technology in all our processes, and all the types you need to be sure that your wines are safe.




From the moment you contact us until you arrive at your destination, Parramon Exportap offers all the necessary services to meet all your needs.


Door-to-door orders

National and international orders are delivered personally to the address provided by the customer.

Parramon Exportap is responsible for the entire delivery process, as well as administrative procedures, procedures and customs processes, providing maximum comfort and tranquility to customers.

International Insurance

Parramon Exportap applies worldwide coverage insurance in all its services, both at the transport level and in the exclusive door-to-door delivery service.

In this way, we bring efficiency and peace of mind to all our services.

By Plane

Parramon Exportap transports national and international orders by air, sea or land.

In this way, we guarantee a delivery as fast and efficient as possible, being able to maintain the best environmental conditions for the product.

Why choose parramon exportap?

We are specialists in the manufacture of stoppers since 1956, and every year we look for ways to offer the best service to our customers. With every action we have taken as a company we seek to convey to the people who trust us:

  • Confidence
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Advanced technology
  • Comprehensive 360º service


Whether you need natural cork stoppers, granules, or a more specific type Parramon Exportap can manufacture it.


Natural cork stoppers

Natural cork stoppers dimensionally rectified, polished, sorted, washed, matched, treated, marked and packaged. They are designed for still wines and are made with natural cork plates of 100% Spanish origin.

Granulated cork stoppers

MICROTECH PE plugs are the result of innovation and development of technology for the manufacture of technical caps. This product is made up of microgranulated cork from the transformation of cork in our manufacture of natural stoppers.

Caps for Liquors, Oils and others

As manufacturers and artisans that we are in this type of stoppers, we can offer all possible dimensions and shapes of stoppers as well as all qualities of cork. We can work with all kinds of capsule shapes and materials.

About us

Who are we?

Parramon Exportap is a family business founded in 1956 in Cassà de la Selva (Girona), 90 km from Barcelona, dedicated to the manufacture of natural cork stoppers, microgranulated cork and special stoppers for liquors, distillates, oils and essences, among others.

With 800 customers distributed in more than 12 countries, Parramon Exportap serves its products to the best wineries in Spain, France, Italy, the United States, Central America, South Africa and Japan.

The Parramon Exportap industrial plant has a production capacity of 50 million caps per year and incorporates its own patented technology that allows it to control and guarantee the quality of the entire production process, materials and final finish.


All the news about the sector and about the company

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The importance of cork in wine

The wine combines naturally with cork. As cork has been used to seal wine bottles for so long, people tend to ignore its extraordinary qualities, which were created from a simple tree bark. The cork oak, a tree species that thrives mainly in Spain, Portugal and France, is actually covered in cork. The bark of…

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Cork Route Cassà de la Selva

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