Parramon exportap: mastery and versatility in cork stopper manufacturing

Stoppers with glass capsule

These stoppers combine the tradition and quality of cork, whether natural or microgranulated, with the elegance and transparency of glass.

The glass capsule not only provides a distinctive and sophisticated touch but also ensures a hermetic seal, ideal for preserving the freshness and flavor of its content.

Stoppers with wooden capsule

Combining the nature of cork with the warmth of wood, these stoppers offer a rustic and authentic aesthetic.

The wooden capsule, firmly adhered to the natural or microgranulated cork, provides a robust closure and a handmade look, perfect for premium products.

Stoppers with plastic capsule

These stoppers combine the efficiency of cork, whether natural or microgranulated, with the versatility and resistance of plastic.

The plastic capsule is lightweight and durable, offering a secure closure and a modern design, suitable for a wide variety of drinks and liquids.

Stoppers with metal capsule

The fusion of cork, natural or microgranulated, with a metal capsule results in a high-resistance and contemporary design stopper.

The metal provides an industrial and elegant touch, while the cork ensures optimal sealing, ideal for high-end drinks.

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